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UMEK returns to Ultra Europe in style – with a double date. He'll first perform on Resistance Stage on 10th July and later that night at Giraffe club with his famous UMEK B2B Coyu + 1605ers. And to share all that awesomeness, UMEK will choose 2 of his fans, who will experience the ride of their life!

how to enter?

To participate in the competition, you'll have to show your creative side. All you have to do is come up with a witty slogan for the best party shirt ever. It can contain whatever you want (not neccessarily connected with my performance at Ultra). So come up with something awesome (be it text quote, or an actual design), post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with a hashtag #umekultra and using the »public« privacy setting on. It's imperative to use the hashtag #umekultra  and »public« setting enabled, as it's the only way we can track your creations! The deadline is 1.7.2015, so don't waste any more time!

what's the prize?

The 2 best creators (chosen by UMEK's management team) will be rewarded with 2 pairs of tickets for Ultra Europe, 2 pairs of backstage passes to UMEK B2B Coyu + 1605ers at Giraffe club during Ultra Europe on 10th July and the best reward is that the limited edition series of each of the winning t-shirt will be printed and handed out on Ultra Europe!

wake up the designer in you and start working! See you on Ultra Europe!

join the event!

To join the UMEK B2B Coyu + 1605ers on Ultra Europe click here!